Return Policy

To make the change through our virtual store you have up to five (5) business days after receiving your purchase, to exercise the right of withdrawal and receive your money back you have up to five (5) business days after delivery of the product.

The exchange policy is only valid for line or new collection products, which means that products on sale or promotion are not exchanged.

The exchange policy is NOT valid for Underwear products such as panties, bra, or swimwear. Any clothing that has contact with private parts is not changed.

Within seven (7) days after receiving the product, you must contact the customer service line or through our email You can request the exchange of your product according to the terms established in our exchange policy.

To make changes to purchases made on the Chamela website, the customer must contact the Chamela website customer service through the means available on the website:

Once the change has been requested, the client must pay the shipment to the ChamelaIndia warehouse for review of the garment, ChamelaIndia only pays the shipment to the warehouse if the client can prove that what led to the change was our mistake.

When the garment arrives at the ChamelaIndia facilities, it will be checked that it complies with the following:

The garment must be in good condition.

Must have packaging and labels as shipped.

The garment must NOT have been used or be dirty.

ChamelaIndia reserves the right to approve or deny changes if the garments do not meet the aforementioned characteristics.

If the change is denied, the garment is returned to the client along with the reason for the rejection, 

On the other hand, if the garment is approved for exchange, the shipment of the garment to the client is managed, this shipment is paid by ChamelaIndia.


To manage the return of your product you must contact us through our email available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 You can exchange it for another product and we will refund the excess value through a purchase voucher so that you can redeem it in future purchases.